City of Hillsboro Community Senior Center Exterior Improvements

700 layout jan 9 2018

City of Hillsboro Community Senior Center Exterior Improvements

This project, currently in progress, involves upgrading the exterior of the City of Hillsboro’s Senior Community Center. The facility, originally built in 1989, includes an addition from 2000. The building, which houses community spaces including meeting rooms, a lounge, a gift shop, and a kitchen, is characterized by a drab exterior that doesn’t engage its context or its patrons.

The project involves re-envisioning the exterior of the building to provide needed repairs and new aesthetic life to the building. Material and color options with their associated costs were developed and discussed with the goal of creating a vibrant and consistent new identity for the facility that unifies the various eras and expressions of the existing Center.

In the selected concept, new silver horizontal metal siding replaces the multitude of existing materials to provide consistency on all areas of the facility. New areas of bright color are strategically incorporated at entries and other accents to add emphasis and recognizable presence to the public points of access.

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