Black Butte House

BBR WEBSITE CURRENT september 17v2, 2018

Black Butte House

This project expands and completely transforms one of the early and most remarkable residences at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon. The original 5,370 square-foot house, built in the early 1970s and designed by noted Oregon Architect Benny Benedetto, occupies a spectacular sloping site directly adjacent to the Ranch’s central meadow and provides expansive views of the Cascade Mountains.

Intended to both honor and enhance the architecture of the original house, the project, designed in collaboration with Carolyn Woofter Interior Design, completely renovates the home’s three floors and adds approximately 1,200 square feet. The exterior design continues the classic northwest modern language of one of the existing house with a palette of wood and stone that further anchors the home to its surroundings and provides gracious exterior connections and transitions on all sides.

Finely detailed construction by local craftspeople and the use of natural materials, textures and patterns throughout the project celebrate Black Butte Ranch, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. The house also features an impressive collection of art throughout the interior and site, including work from significant Oregon artists commissioned specifically for the project.

Photography by Jeremy Bittermann

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